about me

who am i

On week days I am a techie based out of Mumbai. On weekends I am a wildlife photographer plus a travel buff. Above all I am a Nature Lover with a small dose of Adventure at heart. I can’t claim to have seen it all but I have travelled fairly well across the length & breadth of Incredible India, the most beautiful country on Earth. Where else can one indulge in the beauty & grandeur of breathtaking forts, ancient temples, pristine beaches, giant mountains, mighty rivers, old & new markets, traditional eateries, folk & classical dances, music, festivals. This country has it all, but there is more to her – grasslands, tropical and dry forests, desert, snow and within all this lies many sanctuaries and national parks where nature thrives.

It has been a journey of over 2 decades but even today every time I pick up my dslr, I see a new face of mother nature. Watching the birth of a cub, dancing birds, leopard on a hunt, an animal call here and a rustle there. And believe me there is more to our wildlife than just the majestic tiger or lion, which is the holy grail of every wildlife photographer.

why this website

Simply to “express myself”. My fragmented piece of work was only seen by a few and these people convinced me to put it online for all to see. Some may look at it as a good space for breeding this hobby while others may feel motivated to kick start their own journey, either way it serves my purpose.

what’s there in this website

A beautiful journey of memories and experiences I have gathered along the way. While these pictures need no words, I have tried my bit to capture stories around them. On more practical side if you should choose to visit any of these places, you will find useful tips and some hidden treasures which quite often go unnoticed.

I hope you enjoy my album and look forward to you visiting again and spend sometime to share your views and I promise to offer you something new to cherish forever!!!